We are tied

Today, there are communities that share successes, failures, interests, and passions. We all belong somewhere and that’s where Tied fits in.

Simply put, together, we work with healthcare clients who want to provide a platform for their community to easily communicate, educate, and support each other.

Take ownership of the conversation

Tied helps you create highly controlled communities by enabling healthcare companies to:

  • Ensure credibility of content
  • Access valuable data on messages, interests, habits and preferences
  • Control membership
  • Design and evolve the experience through a modular architecture that allows for the adding and subtracting of tools with minimal investment

Communication is power

  • Tied is more than just chit chat. We are a mobile platform that transforms communication and engagement for the healthcare industry
  • Peer-to-peer engagement widely recognized as the most powerful force for changing minds and markets
  • We empower everyone to engage, connect, and share in a whole new way

Built with a purpose


  • Track and analyze
  • Inform company to help guide conversations
  • Identify unmet needs and gaps
  • correlate conversations to purchases or prescriptions


  • Intuitive interface
  • Comfort of a closed community
  • Trusted expertise of peers


  • Content from any source structured and delivered for a seamless user experience
  • Interactive functionality for enhanced participation

Think you have a challenging request?

Maybe it hasn’t been done yet